State Life Building in Faisalabad

Mr. Abdul Majid Khan, General Manager, Real Estate Division, writes, “Builders Associates Ltd. faithfully executed the work as per contract requirements. We have all good words for them. They were very cooperative and friendly in settlement of all the matters related with this project.”

Saudi Pak Tower in Islamabad

Mr. Abdul Jaleel Shaikh, SVP (P&A), SAPICO, writes, “Builders Associates are well equipped and staffed for construction of high rise buildings.”

The Al Hamra Cultural Center ( Lahore ) wins the Arcasia Gold Medal for unique architectural design and functionality

Mr. Nayyar Ali Dada, Pakistan 's leading Architect who has designed a number of landmarks across Pakistan , also designed Lahore 's Al Hamra Cultural Center. Together with Builders Associates efforts, Mr. Dada won the Arcasia Gold Medal for designing its unique architecture and functionality and expresses his appreciation for the contribution that Builders Associates (Pvt) Limited had in making the landmark what it is today.

Constructing the World Bank Headquarters Building in Islamabad

J. Anthony Dowling, Director/Project Development, Turner International Inc, writes, “Builders Associates' participation in actual construction was of a professional order and significantly impacted the pace and quality of work.”

Reconstruction of the United States Embassy Project in Islamabad

A.M.Qureshi, Resident Manager, Pakistan, Turner International Inc, writes, “We have experienced good cooperation and Builders Associates' awareness of productivity. We found them to be flexible to meet immediate requirements of the project. We have no hesitation to associate with Builders Associates Ltd on future projects.”

Dhodak Gas Plant

G.R. Collins, Deputy Project Director, Clough Engineering Group Limited writes, “We have found Builders Associates (Pvt) Limited to be a well organized, well equipped and technically competent organization who are performing well in a difficult and demanding project. At their present pace of work, they are expected to finish the work 3 months ahead of schedule.”