Safety Policy


Builders Associates (Pvt) Ltd is fully dedicated to achieving its Mission and Strategic Visions within a culture free of accidents and incidents involving people, equipment and property. The driving force of our "zero-incident philosophy" is our moral obligation to ensure our employees return home from work each day in the same healthy condition as when they arrived at work.

Safety Mission

It is the mission of Builders Associates (Pvt) Ltd to provide a healthy, safe, clean and enjoyable working environment for our associates. We endeavor to achieve our mission by hiring the best employees, and by constantly striving to improve our work environment. It is our mission to be the best in everything we do, and most importantly in our safety practices. Achieving our mission of safety is a job of continual improvement and attention to detail by each and every associate of Builders Associates (Pvt) Ltd.


Holder maintains its focus on safety through our Zero Accident Culture (Z.A.C.). This culture is an inextricable part of each associate - it is the way we build our projects. We achieve this culture through training and the belief that a standard of zero accidents is possible in our industry.

Our "zero-incident philosophy" is based on the following guiding principles:

A mind set that every accident is preventable and "zero incidents" is achievable.
Every aspect of business is conducted in a manner that avoids incidents or injury.
Safety is truly top priority in all activities including meetings, planning sessions, and the performance of tasks. 
There is no compromise to safe work practices to improve schedule, production, or cost performance.
It is every team member's responsibility to eliminate injuries and incidents.

Safety Management Model